Nr 10 (2/2014)

Volume editors: Rafał Banka, Robert Szuksztul

Languages: Polish, English





Tiziana Andina, What Still Stands of Croce's Aesthetic

Jakub Belina-Brzozowski, Agañña Sutta. A Satire, a Lecture on Ethics or a Buddhist Vision Concerning the Origins of the World? (PL)

Agnieszka Doda-Wyszyńska, The Philosophy of Representation (According to Jacques Rancière) and the Tactics of Knowledge

Karolina Maria Hess, Abraxas and the Western Esoteric Traditions – Select Aspects (PL)

Małgorzata Jankowska, Modern Apocrypha as a Tool of Cultural Autocommunication (PL)

Artur Przybysławski, Lung, or the Power of Spoken Word in the Tradition of Tibetan Buddhism (PL)

Paulina Tendera, On the Anti-Jewish Rhetoric in Władysław Bocquet's Przez Morze Czerwone ku gettom Europy. Powstanie i dzieje narodu żydowskiego (Through the Red Sea Toward the Ghettos of Europe. The Rise and History of the Jewish Nation)

Jacek Trzebuniak, Analysis of Development of the Tibetan Tulku System in Western Culture

Jarosław Zapart, The Sphoṭa Theory and Ānandavardhana's Suggestive Power of Poetic Language (PL)

Michał Zawadzki, Hermann Hesse, Ambivalence and the Tragic of Awakened Life (PL)


Dialogues and diagnoses

Wojciech Kosior, Book review: Mind, Morality and Magic. Cognitive Science Approaches in Biblical Studies

Natalia Anna Michna, Unending Corrida or Turbulent History of the Relationship of Spain and Europe. The Review of the Book by Eugeniusz Górski Idea Europy i myśl współczesna w Hiszpanii (PL)

Agata Świerzowska, Polish Conference ʽYoga in cultural contexts', 23-25 September 2014, Katowice. A Report (PL)