No. 16 (4/2015)


Wojciech Klimczyk

Agata Świerzowska



Polish, English


Table of Contents



Renata Czekalska, Searching for Buddhist Traces. Ryszard Krynicki: Prawie haiku and Haiku z minionej zimy

Daniel Kalinowski, Mothers, Wives and... Masters. Autobiographical Texts of Polish Buddhist Women (PL)

Wojciech Klimczyk, Linda, Jenna, Sasha. Porn Celebrities and the Mediatization of Female Sexuality (PL)

Wojciech Kosior, Cain According to Midrash Bereshit Rabbah 22. Translation and Commentary (PL)

Natalia Nadkańska, Ātman and Brahman: Analysis of the Relationship on the Example of Vedanta's Latter Schools (PL)

Artur Przybysławski, Remarks on the Misuse of the Term "Ontology" in Madhyamaka Studies

Dawid Rogacz, Knowledge and Truth in the Thought of Jizang (549–623)

Wojciech Rubiś, Early Paintings by Cesar Manrique Inspired by Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse (PL)

Robert Szuksztul, Possible Roots of the Pure Land Buddhist Notion of Practice in Light of Some Early Buddhist Sources

Paulina Tendera, Cultural Phenomena Seen from the Perspective of Language Issues (Globalisation, Multiculturalism, Interculturalism and Transculturalism): Preliminary Reflections for Cultural Studies

Agnieszka Witkowska-Krych, „Handbook for housewives" as a Peculiar Testimony of the Everyday Life in the Ghettos of General Government (PL)

Anna Wolanin, Body is Dance, the Very Dance is Body. Introduction to Examination of Tibetan Sacred Dance from the Perspective of Sondra Horton Fraleigh's Existential Phenomenology (PL)

Cezary Woźniak, Exploring the Nature of Time. Reflections on the Article "Four-dimensional Time in Dzogchen and Heidegger" by Zhinhua Yao


Dialogues and Diagnoses:

Marek Moroń, Remarks Following the Meeting „Asia and Pacific Day" July 9th 2015 (PL)

Andrzej Mrozek, Bożena Prochwicz-Studnicka, Book Review: Garth Fowden, Before and After Muḥammad. The First Millennium Refocused (PL)

Wojciech Rubiś, Book Review: Skuteczność sztuki, red. Tomasz Załuski (PL)