No. 5 (2/2013)

Are Heresies Creative? Vol. 1

Editors: Paulina Tendera, Joanna Puchalska

Language: Polish

Table of Contents

Andrzej Mrozek Christianity as a Heresy of Early Judaism

Tadeusz Bartoś The Church in the Face of Heresy: a Brief Historical Outline

Adam Kubiak Towards a "Spectral Orthodoxy". Orthodoxy and the Interiority and Exteriority of Heresy

Łukasz Rządzik The Mariavite Church as an Alternative to the Catholic Church

Piotr Czarnecki The Evolution of the Doctrine of Medieval Dualism (7th - 13th Centuries)

Tomasz Dekert The Biblical Demiurgical Myth Seen as Theological Invention in the Works of Irenaeus of Lyons (Adversus Haereses II, 26, 1; III, 12, 12) - an Attempt at a Sociological Interpretation

Karolina Kochańczyk-Bonińska Maximus the Confessor's Polemic with the Monophysites and its Influence on His Anthropology

Bożena Gierek "Celtic Spirituality" and the Pantheistic Conception of Johannes Scotus Eriugena

Dawid Nowakowski Heresy – Tolerance – Consensus Ecclesiae. Religious Freedom and its Limits According to Erasmus of Rotterdam

Anna Kołos Fides Quaerens Intellectum? The Heresies of Rationalism in the 16th And 17th Centuries

Anna Grochowska Heresies at Wawel Castle in the 19th Century

Maria Jarmuszczak Between Mystery and Life in Truth: Jan Patočka, the Heretical Philosopher

Wiktor Szymborski The Privileges Granted to Heresy Fighters in Medieval Europe. The Beginnings of a Discussion on Ways of Combating Heterodox Movements in the High Middle Ages

Małgorzata Kostuchowska The Role of Heresy in Culture. The Communality of Thought in the Works of a Condemned Theologian and an Eminent Romantic Poet

Tomasz Stępień Culture and Technology in the Light of the Controversies over Oswald Spengler's Concept of Kosmos Atheos

Maciej Kostyra The Heretical Dimension of Self-Education (Bildung)

Notes about the Authors