No. 8 (5/2013)

Edited by: Agata Świerzowska

Language: Polish and English

Table of Contents


Piotr Borek Comparative Philology. Introduction to the Key Concepts of Sheldon Pollock's Methodology

Karol Chrobak Anthropology of Theater. Józef Tishner and Helmuth Plessner Comparative Analysis

Tomasz Gacek The Image of Arabs and Arabic Language in Contemporary Persian Jokes (ENG)

Wojciech Kosior "You Have Not Withheld Your Son, Your Only One from Me". Some Arguments for the Consummated Sacrifice of Abraham (ENG)

Marta Kudelska  The Transformation of the Ancient Indian Paradigm, The Example of the Chāndogya Upaniṣad

Teresa Miążek Bhāva as a Motif – Introduction to the Alaysis of Ajñeya Short-Stories in the Light of Rasa

Joanna Miklaszewska Contemporary Music Documenting the Nazi Terror: Steve Reich's Different Trains (ENG)

Andrzej Mrozek The Hebrew Scroll from Bologna – The First Exhibition in the Department of Comparative Civilization Studies, Jagiellonian University

Elżbieta Olzacka Axionormative Order and the Ways of Conducting War. War Culture as a War Practice Regulator

Mariya Ruseva The Holocaust Requiem – Commemoration or Redemption (ENG)

Katarzyna Skiba Identity Expressed or Imagined? Gender Representations in the Indian Classical Art of Kathak Dance

Izabela Trzcińska An Image, a Map and a Hybrid. Cultural Aspects of World Representations

Natalia Wojnakowska Rhythm in Classical Music Traditions of Europe and India – Theoretical and Historical Outline

Dialogues and Diagnoses

Klaudia Adamowicz "When the stars shine the brightest...", Tosca after Fifty Years. Spectacle Review.

Natalia Michna To be like Andy Warhol. Andy Warhol Superstar - Exhibition Report, Valencia 29.09.2012–5.01.2013

Grażyna Bąkowska-Czerner, Agata Świerzowska "Magical Texts in Ancient Civilizations" - Conference Report

Notes on Authors